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  • What to Expect if You Take the ACT or SAT Cold

    What to Expect if You Take the ACT or SAT Cold

    Taking the ACT or SAT for the first time is an eye-opening experience for many students. This is especially true if you go into either test “cold.” While we generally advise against taking the ACT […]

  • 5 Common ACT/SAT Prep Mistakes

    5 Common ACT/SAT Prep Mistakes

    This week we’re going to cover five mistakes that students often make while preparing for the ACT and SAT. These are “big picture” errors that apply equally to both exams. Avoiding these mistakes will help […]

  • ACT English “Best Sentence” Questions

    ACT English “Best Sentence” Questions

    Some ACT English questions ask you to choose from several versions of the same sentence. Because these questions don’t include a guided prompt, many students are unsure how to answer them. Fortunately, like all questions […]

  • Improve Your SAT scores!

    4 Stubborn ACT and SAT Myths

    Some ACT and SAT myths are more resilient than others. For this lesson, we’re going to debunk four of the most stubborn ones. If you are a regular reader of this blog, chances are you’ve […]