General Science

Science is the study of the world around us. In high school this includes both general courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as more specialized electives in fields such as human biology, zoology, and forensic science. Advance Placement courses in the sciences for are offered for students who have already completed prerequisite high school level science classes. Both regular and AP science courses typically require a supplementary lab component that reinforces traditional classroom instruction with hands on demonstrations and experiments.

The Learning Island provides private one-on-one tutoring in all aspects of science. Our tutors work with students and their parents to assess where each student is right now and to develop a customized lesson plan tailored to his or her needs. Students can receive a review of the fundamentals of the scientific method and how scientists make and test predictions. We explain the process of evolution as it applies to biology and simplify chemical reactions in chemistry. We take the mystery out of Newtonian physics and fluid dynamics and provide a review of the math used in physics classes.

Tutors provide students with the tools and vocabulary to understand scientific passages, study better, and make the most productive use of their homework time. We also show students what is expected of them during laboratory classes and can even help them memorize that pesky periodic table of elements. Finally, we provide comprehensive reviews and study sessions for exams. Whether a student is seriously struggling or simply needs a little extra help with a difficult class, we can help them improve and grow to be their best.