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The Learning Island (TLI) School Policies/Terms and Conditions


On-campus morning group language classes are from 9:00AM-12:30PM.  On-campus evening group language classes are from 6:00PM-9:00PM.  Private classes can be scheduled any time. Schedules for all other courses will be based on enrollment.


Students may enroll in a group class up until the midterm. Private courses may begin at any time.  If enrolling after the start of a session, students will be responsible for material covered, tests and other assignments given before their enrollment, as well as any applicable late fee(s).

Enrollment for Minors

Students under 18 years of age are required to have parental permission to attend courses. Such permission is only considered granted when the parent completes registration. Course registration is done online by a parent or legal guardian only. 

Registration Fee

There is a $50.00 registration fee, which is required to attend any TLI course. Students returning to TLI after more than a 12-month absence must pay the registration fee again. We only accept check, debit card, credit card, or wire transfer.

Placement Test

New ESL, language and test preparation students must take a placement test.  This cost is included in the registration fee.   A student, who is absent for more than 6 months, must retake the placement test to re-enroll.  Any ESL level changes must take place within the first two weeks of any session and should be brought to the direct attention of the director.

Tuition Payment

All students must make the first tuition payment and register for a class by or on the first day of class. Students will not be allowed to enter or continue attending class until they have paid 100% of tuition. We only accept check, debit card, credit card, or wire transfer.

Class Size

The minimum number of students in order to open a group language class is three. Test prep courses must have a minimum of 5.  The school reserves the right to reschedule the program start date when the number of students is lower than these numbers.

Course Requirements

Students must complete all course requirements (class assignments, homework, tests, etc.)  to progress to the next level.

Course Completion

Upon completion of a minimum of three six-week courses, TLI students will receive a certificate of completion.  TLI does not guarantee the transferability of credits to a college, university or any other institution.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

TLI does NOT offer refunds of any kind for any reason.  TLI reserves the right to reschedule classes at any time or dismiss students at any time for unsatisfactory progress, nonpayment of tuition or failure to abide established standards of conduct.  To cancel or postpone a class, students must give notice of at least 48 hours to avoid losing classes. Class credits will only be held for 30 days.

Other Fees

Returned Checks Fee – $35.00

Checks that are returned to the school for any reason will result in the above returned-check fee.  Students will additionally be charged any applicable late fees that may apply as a result of the returned check.

Enrollment Late Fee (All Programs) – $25.00

One-time Registration Fee – $50.00

Skip Level Test (ESL only) – $25.00

The skip-level test fee must be charged to students requesting to skip a level. There is no charge for skip-level tests given to students per TLI’s initiative.


In the event of any legal proceedings, including but not limited to lawsuits, are brought against TLI for any reason, both jurisdiction and venue of said proceedings will take place in Cobb County, Georgia.

Student Acknowledgements

Further, you hereby voluntarily and without compensation authorize pictures and/or voice recordings to be made of you by TLI. You consent to the use of your name, picture, and/or voice, for promotional, informational, or other purposes in any medium. You permit TLI to use written statements or quotes by you that you may provide to TLI about TLI and your experiences there. You further understand that no royalty, fee, or other compensation of any character shall become payable to you by TLI for such use. You understand that consent to use your picture, video, voice, and/or written statements is voluntary and that you may at any time exercise the right to cease being filmed, photographed, or recorded, and may rescind your consent for up to a reasonable time before the picture, video, voice recording or written statement is used. Said material is the sole property of TLI and its assignees. You release TLI’s Owner, administrators, faculty members, and staff from liability for any claim or course of action resulting in any way to the use or publication of such photographs or statements


You have read and understand this document or have had this document verbally explained in your native language.  You further agree to adhere to the policies explained above. You understand that this contract is legal and binding. You attest that you are at least 18 years of age. You understand that no refunds of any kind will be issued for any reason. You understand that you will pay the tuition and fee amount as designated in this agreement.  If there is a change in tuition or related fees, you may be asked to sign the new Application/Enrollment Agreement. Also, if you change to a class in a different program, you may be asked to sign the pertinent Application/Enrollment Agreement.