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  • Act College Readiness Benchmarks

    Act College Readiness Benchmarks

    In this lesson, we’re going to explain the “College Readiness Benchmarks” that the ACT sets for each section of the exam. In particular, we’ll look at what the benchmarks can tell you about your potential […]

  • ACT Reading “Function” Questions

    ACT Reading “Function” Questions

    On the ACT Reading section you may be asked what the “function” of a specific paragraph or paragraphs is in a passage as a whole. While these questions can seem vague and mysterious at first, […]

  • ACT and SAT Reading Dual Passages

    ACT and SAT Reading Dual Passages

    One of the passages on the ACT and SAT Reading sections is actually a pair of passages. Most of the questions for this type of “passage” refer to only one of the reading selections. However, […]