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  • ACT English “Best Sentence” Questions

    ACT English “Best Sentence” Questions

    Some ACT English questions ask you to choose from several versions of the same sentence. Because these questions don’t include a guided prompt, many students are unsure how to answer them. Fortunately, like all questions […]

  • ACT English “NOT Acceptable” Questions

    ACT English “NOT Acceptable” Questions

    In this week’s lesson, we’re going to focus on how to answer a specific type of question on the ACT English section: the “NOT acceptable” question. This type of question differs from others in that […]

  • ACT Science Tips

    ACT Science Tips


  • Improve Your SAT scores!

    Three Tips for ACT and SAT Questions

    Some rules apply to virtually any standardized or multiple choice test. The ACT and the SAT, for example, must follow the “one correct answer per question” rule. If either exam broke this rule, it would […]