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Anne B.

I interviewed and asked around about several tutoring companies in the north Atlanta area and found The Learning Island to be not only reputable and challenging for my son, but also more affordable. I found Billy, the owner and founder, to be a hardworking businessman and educator of high integrity, and extremely flexible with occasional schedule changes which I aimed to keep to a minimum. I appreciated that he and my son developed a comfortable rapport. I’m happy to say that my son’s scores increased as a result of his tutoring sessions, and he felt good about his relationships with the tutors. It is very conveniently located for the Sandy Springs, Chastain Park, Vinings, and north Buckhead communities. The whole experience was overall very, very positive and I highly recommend The Learning Island to anyone with teenagers looking to prepare for their standardized tests.

Andrew B.

Marcy J.

“My grades in school are great, but when I got my SAT scores back they weren’t as good as I was expecting. Jenny at The Learning Island was able to look at my scores and help me out with my weak points as well as teach me the testing strategies I was missing the first time around. Now, my SAT scores match my grades. My college options are wide open now. I can’t thank you guys enough.”

Rachel J.

Brenda A.

“My son took a group SAT prep class with one of the big name companies in the Atlanta area, but it didn’t really give him the point boost in his scores that we were hoping for. So, we switched gears and got him a private tutor at The Learning Island. Having a private tutor to focus on his specific needs was money well spent. His scores jumped up and so did his confidence. The Learning Island delivered. Thank you all so much.”

James A.

Karen S.

“My daughter has always struggled with math and hated it as a result. But, I didn’t want this to drag down her GPA going into high school so I decided to get her some extra help. Let me tell you that was one of the best decisions I ever made. She doesn’t dread math tests anymore, and her grades are stellar. Chad at The Learning Island genuinely cared about her and helped her improve her skills and her confidence. Couldn’t be happier.”

Karen S.

Jalen W.

“Billy, the owner, we liked instantly. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and sincere. My son and daughter worked with two different tutors there and they were both great. They both enjoyed their lessons and their teachers even commented on their improvements in English and Science. You can’t go wrong with The Learning Island and their tutors.”

Jalen W.

Madison E.

“Guess who’s got awesome ACT scores now!? This girl! I needed to bump my score up a few points to get into the college I wanted, and Beth helped me do that and then some. It was easier than I thought.  Love you guys!”


Madison E.

Emma W.


“A friend of mine told me that she had gotten her SAT tutoring at The Learning Island and liked it, so I suggested it to my parents. She was so right! My tutors for the verbal and math sections totally took care of me. I feel so much more prepared to tackle this test.”


Emma W.

Amy C.

“We had hired a freelance private tutor to help my son prepare for the SAT, and he turned out to be a bit unreliable and disorganized. After that experience I was wary at first, but I really like the professional and personalized attention we got at the Learning Island. We spoke directly with the owner, Billy, who told us upfront that he always puts the student first. This proved to be so true. Everything from the schedule to the curriculum was tailored to meet my son’s needs. My son was not thrilled at the prospect of studying on a Saturday, but he actually enjoyed his lessons there. By the end of his session, his weaknesses had become his strong points. We got his results back this week and were so pleased to see that he had jumped 6 points.  Thank you guys so much.”

Allen C.

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