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About The Learning Island: An Atlanta-Based Tutoring Center

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The Learning Island was designed from the ground up to be different. It was started by Billy, a teacher of 15 years in the Atlanta area who saw a desperate need for a fresh approach. Tutoring services have become focused on churning students through a canned curriculum to maximize profits. Expensive, gimmicky add-ons and vague, arbitrary promises of improvement have become the norm. He wanted to get back to what truly matters: the students and the teachers.

The way tutoring companies work now is, to put it simply, broken. Companies may insist that students come first, but most tutoring centers spend the bulk of their time worrying about how many students they can cram into a classroom. Teachers are interchangeable: a student could have a different tutor for the same subject every time he or she comes in. All too often, this game of “musical tutors” means students are treated as just another number. Such an approach makes it difficult, if not impossible, for tutors to establish a rapport with students. How can a student be expected to connect with a tutor when he or she might see half a dozen different faces over as many weeks?

At The Learning Island, students receive a much more personal approach. We genuinely care about our students, after all, we became teachers to help people succeed. We believe a solid connection between student and tutor is vitally important to a student’s success. Students taking private, one-on-one sessions will always have the same tutor, and we strive to maintain teacher continuity within group classes. Many of the teachers have tutored using so-called “traditional” methods before. We have seen good educators and good students frustrated by curricula ill-suited to adapting to individual needs. Above all, we put the needs of the students first.

The success of our students is our number one priority. They are the reason we do what we do. We want the same things parents and students want: results, progress and success. The path we take to reach those destinations is the path of integrity.



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What Our Students Say About Us

“Billy, the owner, we liked instantly. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and sincere. My son and daughter worked with two different tutors there and they were both great. They both enjoyed their lessons and their teachers even commented on their improvements in English and Science. You can’t go wrong with The Learning Island and their tutors.”

Jalen W.

“We had hired a freelance private tutor to help my son prepare for the SAT, and he turned out to be a bit unreliable and disorganized. After that experience I was wary at first, but I really like the professional and personalized attention we got at the Learning Island. We spoke directly with the owner, Billy, who told us upfront that he always puts the student first. This proved to be so true.”

Amy C.