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SAT and ACT Tutoring in Atlanta

SAT scores are considered a very important factor in getting into the college of your choice, whether it be Atlanta-based Georgia Tech or one of the top universities in the United States such as Yale, Harvard, or Princeton. The ACT is also widely accepted and gaining ground on the SAT every day. In fact, the ACT surpassed the SAT as the top college entrance exam for first time in 2012 (source: The Washington Post). Achieving a qualifying test score on both exams presents a serious problem for students and their parents.

Even strong students are often taken aback by the tests. Both tests have slightly different focuses, but students can stress test-taking skills, time management, and knowledge of the tests themselves to see a jump in their test scores The test formats are wildly different from the kinds of exams most students have taken before, even at the AP level. They are simply not an accurate measurement of how prepared a student is for college, but they have a disproportionate influence on college admissions.

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“My son took a group SAT prep class with one of the big name companies in the Atlanta area, but it didn’t really give him the point boost in his scores that we were hoping for. So, we switched gears and got him a private tutor at The Learning Island. Having a private tutor to focus on his specific needs was money well spent. His scores jumped up and so did his confidence. The Learning Island delivered. Thank you all so much.”

Brenda A
Marietta, GA
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Why The Learning Island?

Our SAT and ACT prep courses were created from the ground up to be fundamentally different from other programs. The majority of tutoring centers in the Atlanta area offer standardized programs that follow a prescribed, one-size-fits-all, curriculum. They force students (and educators) to adapt to a canned lesson plan more concerned with getting students in and out rather than focusing on the individual needs of a student and whether he or she truly understands and is ready to take the SAT or ACT.  By contrast, our test prep curricula are custom-built to have a personal touch for each student to be in a course tailored to their specific needs and are therefore guaranteed to show results.

The Learning Island offers both group and private, one-on-one tutoring services. Whereas other tutoring services run all their students through what is essentially the same material, our test prep center’s unique approach and curricula allow us to create an individualized plan tailored to a student in both group and private tutoring sessions. Students undergo a vigorous assessment that tells us not just what their test scores are, but what skills they need to focus on in order to improve those scores.

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“A friend of mine told me that she had gotten her SAT tutoring at The Learning Island and liked it, so I suggested it to my parents. She was so right! My tutors for the verbal and math sections totally took care of me. I feel so much more prepared to tackle this test.”

Emma W.
Atlanta, GA
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We offers two options for SAT & ACT preparation at our tutoring center in Atlanta.

Private SAT & ACT Prep Tutoring– A Completely Individualized Approach

Private lessons are 100% customized for students. Every aspect is tailored to a student’s individual personality, their style of learning, and their strengths and weaknesses. We will meet with the student at the time and place of his or her choosing and work with the student every step of the way, adapting dynamically to their unique needs and circumstances.

In addition to our test preparation services, The Learning Island also offers one-on-one tutoring in a variety of high school subjects, including:

  • Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
  • Social Studies: AP American History, World History, American Geography and American Government
  • Sciences: Earth Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Our SAT and ACT tutors are hand-picked for their expertise in and passion for a subject. We work with a student and his or her parents to develop a unique curriculum that puts the needs of the student first. We care about the students we tutor, and the joy we receive in seeing them succeed is why we do what we do.

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