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  • Improve Your SAT scores!

    Three Tips for ACT and SAT Questions

    Some rules apply to virtually any standardized or multiple choice test. The ACT and the SAT, for example, must follow the “one correct answer per question” rule. If either exam broke this rule, it would […]

  • Taking Both the ACT and SAT

    Taking Both the ACT and SAT

    One common question that I get from students is whether they should take both the ACT and SAT. In most situations, the answer is “no.” Virtually all colleges accept both exams, and while the tests […]

  • Three Things to Avoid on ACT Writing and the SAT Essay

    Three Things to Avoid on ACT Writing and the SAT Essay

    In this lesson, we’re going to cover three common errors that I have seen students consistently make on the ACT Writing and SAT Essay sections. These are mistakes that originate from either writing on the […]

  • ACT Writing Essay Template

    ACT Writing Essay Template

    In previous lessons, we’ve talked about how the “perspectives” on the ACT Writing test follow a fairly predictable pattern. Two of the perspectives reach the same conclusion, albeit for different reasons. The remaining perspective disagrees […]

  • More ACT Writing Tips

    More ACT Writing Tips

    This week we’re going to provide some addition tips for the ACT Writing (essay) section. While we’ve covered ACT Writing in general before, this time around we’re going to take a more targeted approach. Each […]